Dan Williams, Deputy Director, Office of State Fire Marshal.

/b>: Success stories from the Illinois fire service </p><p><b>Abstract</b>: The role of the fire service is constantly changing. A few decades ago, the mission was fire suppression. The services provided by the fire departments of today are essential, wide ranging, and ever changing. In addition to suppression, fire departments are expected to provide other emergency services in which the public has become dependent, such as rescue, extrication and emergency medical services. Add to this preparations for dealing with potential terrorist threats or incidents, juvenile firesetter intervention, fire safety education in the schools, clandestine drug labs, continuing education, and service to the regulated communities. Today's fire service has a much different face. Meeting the demands of today and tomorrow create the need for radically new thinking and the resources to meet these challenges. This presentation will give a status report and forecast the future for the fire service of Illinois. </p><p>[<a href"../Pdf_Document/dan_williams.pdf">Full Text</a>] [<a href="../index.html">Go Back</a>]</p> </body </html>