Patrick M. Johnson, Protection Knowledge Concepts, Inc., Director of Sales & Marketing

Title: Knowledge transfer vs. training: A new dynamic in fire protection education

Abstract: With the construction industry experiencing record growth, the fire protection industry has more project work than firms can handle. In addition to the project work, the fire protection professional has to balance accounts receivables, personnel issues, technology issues and most importantly training. Training is a traditional term describing the education of the professional. However, with time an issue (in addition to expense), the traditional method of providing training via seminars and conferences has become less popular. A new method of training has emerged... knowledge transfer. In this presentation, knowledge transfer will be defined and the differences between traditional training and knowledge transfer explained. In addition to the evolution of Protection Knowledge Concepts, a provider of fire protection knowledge transfer programs, and their role as a technical resource in the education of not only the fire protection professional, but anyone involved in the built industry will be covered.

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