Scott Nacheman, LZA Technology/BPRI, Building Performance Research Institute

Title: Fire Incident Documentation for the Twenty First Century: A System for Post-Incident Documentation of Building Performance

Abstract: Initiated in 1997, and now under the direction of the Building Performance Research Institute, this program is responsible for the development and implementation of a Building Performance Module Adjunct to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS). The BPRI and its research partners have been developing the methodology for a Building Performance Database to address the information deficiency that exists relative to accurate "real" fire data. The origins of this project can be traced to the concern that there is currently no broad-scale method of collecting, recording, and analyzing the performance of building components and systems when subjected to the effects of a structure fire. In addition to providing an organized means of analyzing building performance for building/fire prevention code development and validation, this project encourages collaboration and cooperation between the fire service and building design professions, thereby fostering a better understanding of each others role in fire safety. The result and overriding goal of this project is to reduce the loss of life and property from fires, while creating realistic cost-effective solutions for occupant and firefighter fire-safety in buildings. This paper will present an overview of the project methodology, a history of the research endeavor as well as a summary of current progress.

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