inFIRE Conference 2010 -- Hotel Information

inFIRE members have been invited to join others at a one-day meeting at NIST on May 11. That meeting will be followed by additional days of inFIRE meetings on the NIST campus.

NIST is embarking on a transformation of the BFRL Research information Service (including FireDoc) into a digital community. This will include mass digitization of BFRL RIS resources, creation of data repositories for fire experiments, and coordination of computer model support sites. They envision a community resource that includes contributions of publications, data, and models from the research community worldwide. NIST is inviting key people from critical fire safety organizations with an interest in sharing fire safety information. Stakeholders other than inFIRE will also be invited.

Invitation and Agenda for May 11th (.pdf)

The meeting will be a great jumping-off place to discuss how fire research and fire libraries will change over the next five years. What are we doing now that will be obsolete in five years, what should we be doing today to get us where we want to be, what are we already doing that will facilitate change and direction? I know some of you are already working on some innovative projects. We want to hear about them!

Conference Program (.pdf)

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