inFIRE participation brings you substantial benefits that are available only to inFIRE members. These benefits include:

How to apply for inFIRE Membership

inFIRE Membership Criteria

Membership is open to organizations involved in fire research and testing, post-secondary fire education and training, fire and emergency services, fire protection consulting, fire insurance and fire associations. Members must be able to loan full-text documents to other inFIRE members (normally free of charge), and circulate at least one Accessions List per year or have a web accessible catalog of holdings and new acquisitions. It is expected that inFIRE libraries or information centers are accessible to other inFIRE members at all times during regular business hours.

Although membership is normally granted to organizations, the Executive Committee may, at its discretion, grant personal memberships to individuals. Persons with individual memberships may monitor the discussion forum but may not post messages (organizational members may post on their behalf).

The Application Process

Prospective members should submit a completed application form. The inFIRE Executive Committee reviews applications and makes membership decisions.

If you have questions about membership, please contact Ed Metz.