Membership and Application


inFIRE membership includes two types of members:

  1. Library members: These are libraries or information centers that have significant collections of fire literature, either in physical or digital formats. Library members can participate in resource sharing with other members, attend the annual inFIRE conference, and access professional development opportunities.
  2. Affiliate members: These are individuals or organizations with an interest in fire-related information and resources, such as fire organizations or companies that provide products or services to the fire community. Affiliate members can participate in inFIRE events and benefit from the networking opportunities and resources available through the organization.

Both types of members are vital to the inFIRE community, as they contribute to the sharing of fire-related information and the development of best practices in the field.


Joining inFIRE comes with many benefits that are exclusive to our members:

How to apply for inFIRE Membership

Membership Criteria

Membership in inFIRE is available to organizations and individuals involved in fire research, post-secondary fire education and training, fire and emergency services, fire protection consulting, fire insurance, and fire associations. To be eligible for membership, organizations must be able to loan full-text documents to other inFIRE members, typically free of charge, and either maintain a web-accessible catalog of their holdings and/or post new acquisitions on the inFIRE listserv. It is expected that inFIRE libraries and affiliate members are accessible to other members during regular business hours.

While membership is typically granted to organizations, the Executive Committee may, at its discretion, grant personal memberships to individuals. Individuals with personal memberships may monitor the discussion forum but cannot post messages; organizational members may post on their behalf.

Application Process

Prospective members should submit a completed application form. The inFIRE Executive Committee reviews applications and makes membership decisions.

If you have questions about membership, please contact inFIRE Executive Committee at